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About Chris

Since starting my career in real estate in 2008 I’ve learned so much about the industry, the housing market and how to help my clients. I’ve been in contact with many different people, looking for many different things. The one common denominator is that everybody’s looking for somebody to guide them, to inform them, and to be there with them to help them through any heartache. Whether you’re investing or purchasing your dream home, everyone has the same goal – to make a better future for themselves or their families. I’ve spent my entire real estate career working to be the best real estate agent I can be to help make your dreams a reality.

Educating Through Experience

I’ve helped many people during various times in their lives through the shifting terrain of the Canadian real estate market. Shifts and changes to mortgage rules, interest rates, housing costs, housing availability, immigration and emigration just to name a few. Along with that we’ve seen regime changes in both the federal and provincial governments that bring with them new mandates on housing and the real estate market as a whole. All of these changes need to be evaluated and understood to ensure that you’re making informed decisions. That’s what I’m here for, to help you through all of the changes. I’m here to help you understand your options, opportunities and threats.

Real estate is not easy, but if done right it can be highly satisfying. 

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